Adrian Vlas

Inginer mecanic

Adrian Vlas is a 22 years old young adult who has mechanics and engineering in his DNA. His passion for technologies started to bear fruit since he was 11 years old, when he improvised his first tricycle. Even if the vehicle hasn’t traveled more than 5 meters, this has not discouraged him; on the contrary, he was more determined than ever to continue. Thus, he attained the title of “Best Innovative Pupil” and his inventions started to catch attention and provoke admiration. Obtained success did not leave him comfortable, and Adrian started to set higher and bigger goals.

The last and most beautiful challenge is the AVAI Movement project, an invention that can change the lives of many people with special needs.

Inventive, energetic and ambitious, Adrian believes that any dream, no matter how unrealistic it may seem, it can become reality only if you invest time, work and enthusiasm into it.


Richie Norton


Richie Norton is an award winning and best selling author, consultant and entrepreneur. He has written two #1 bestselling books, The Power of Starting Something Stupid and Resumés are Dead and What to Do About It. He is CEO and Founder of Global Consulting Circle—a boutique personal and business development consultancy specializing in creating/scaling business models for venture-backed startups.

He is also the CEO and Co-Founder of PROUDuct—helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas into profitable products through international sourcing. Richie is the Managing Coordinator of The Mark and Laura Willes Center for International Entrepreneurship at BYU-Hawaii.

Richie was named one of Hawaii’s Top Forty Under 40, “best and brightest young businesspersons,” by Pacific Business News. He has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, CNN, Inc., BusinessWeek, Young Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur. He received an MBA from the world’s #1 ranked international business school—Thunderbird School of Global Management. He is from California, lived in Brazil and now lives in Hawaii at Sunset Beach on the North Shore of Oahu with his wife Natalie and their three sons.


Chisinau Youth Orchestra

Chisinau Youth Orchestra (also known as Moldavian Youth Orchestra) was founded in July, 2011 by the Choral-Musical Association from Moldova, at the initiative of young musician Andriano Marian and currently comprises approximately 150 active members, gathering the most talented and determined young instrumentalists from Moldova and Romania.

During its 5 years of existence, the orchestra has held more than 40 concerts in the cities of Orhei, Cahul, Chișinău (Republic of Moldova); Sinaia, Oradea, București (Romania) and Kassel (Germany), and was conducted by Andriano Marian (Moldova), Petre Sbârcea (Romania), Mihail Secichin (Moldova) and Gabriel Bebeșelea (Romania), who is currently Orchestra’s principal conductor and winner of the first prize in the “Lovro von Matačić Conducting Competition”.

Over the course of these five years, orchestra’s repertoire comprised more than eighty compositions from different stylistic periods, signed by Tchaykovsky, Mendelssohn, Dvorak, Brahms, Ravel, Faure, Bartók, Kodály, Sibelius, Mahler, Prokofiev, Grieg, Weinberg, Neaga, among others. At the same time, the orchestra is hailed for its success in mainstreaming classical music to the general public and especially to the younger generation in Moldova, thanks to performances in the most unusual venues (markets, streets, public transport etc.).

In 2013, Chișinău Youth Orchestra, as a Moldavian National Youth Orchestra, became a member of the European Foundation of National Youth Orchestras based in Vienna and in 2014, Chișinău Youth Orchestra launched a new project called Chisinau Youth String Orchestra, which gathers Moldova’s most promising string instrumentalists.


Vladimir Soloviev


Vladimir Soloviev is a Russian journalist and special correspondent of the Kommersant Publishing House in Moldova. He was formerly editor-in-chief of Kommersant Moldova, a branch of Kommersant Publishing House, considered to be one of the most influential media outlets in Russia. After Kommersant Moldova was shut down in August 2014, he headed, a new independent Moldovan online publication. Before moving to Chisinau, Soloviev served as special correspondent for Kommersant in Moscow, covering foreign affairs and Russia’s relationship with the European Union and post-Soviet countries, for over six years.


Dumitru Alaiba


Dumitru Alaiba are studii economice și este un om liber. Și-a început viața adultă cu 5 ani de experiență internațională, lucrând în patru țări europene și având proiecte în alte vreo 20 de țări. În 2009, a revenit acasă cu planul inițial de a rămâne pentru 2 ani, dar după asta s-a încăpățânat să rămână. Șapte ani de experiență în Guvern i-au educat răbdarea, dar și, probabil, încăpățânarea.

Dumitru consideră că aici, acasă, putem face un lucru mult mai util decât oriunde în lumea asta. El crede că suntem mai liberi decât credem și este convins că o schimbare radicală spre bine este posibilă în Moldova și, de fapt, inevitabilă. Dumitru este convins că schimbarea începe de la noi înșine și de la exemplul propriu. Pentru a evolua, trebuie permanent să testăm limitele – personale și ale altora.


Mihai Eșanu


Mihai s-a născut pe data de 6 iunie 2005 (11 ani) la Chișinău. Studiază la Liceul Teoretic Orizont, clasa a V-a. Pasiunea lui este matematica. A luat premii și locuri de frunte la numeroase concursuri și olimpiade de matematică din țară și din străinătate. În timpul liber studiază robotica și programarea. Youtuber și minecrafter.


Sara Mitchell

Grammy awarded musician

Sirah was born into circumstances most people don’t dare to imagine. Rather than break her, her experiences strengthened her. She went on to find her passion in music, working with such artists as Skrillex, Demi Lovato, and Lupe Fiasco, eventually a Grammy.

For the past nine years Sirah has turned her own experiences into hope for people all over the world as she has toured the States, Russia, and Romania, to name a few. She has overcome homelessness, addiction, and a life that seemed to want nothing more than to break her, and has come out passionately committed to showing others what they can truly be. To help them find their purpose with humor, sincerity and grace.


Alex Magala

Sword Swallower

Alex Magala is a renowened sword-swallower and a professional acrobat. His performances have been broadcasted worldwide and are considered some of the most dangerous shows on TV. In his fulminating career, Alex has performed at the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in Sochi, won the famous russian TV show ”Minute of Fame” and was invited in one of the most popular TV shows in America ”Ellen Degeneres”. Till now, Alex has performed in 8 ”Got Talent” shows from eight different countries and continues to perform all over the world with its shocking performances, inspiring its audience.


Paula Erizanu


Paula Erizanu was born in Chișinău in 1992. She had her BA in History and Literature at New College of the Humanities, London, and MA in journalism at City University, London. She debuted in the world of literature with ”This is my first revolution. Steal it. ” (ed. Cartier, 2010), book distinguished with the prize for the 2011 most beautiful book production in an emerging market by UNESCO Germany and the German Book Art Foundation. Newly, in 2015, she published the poetry book ”Take care of you” (ed. Charmides). Paula has experience in writing for local and international press: Moldova(PUNKT), Romania (Observatorul Cultural) and United Kingdom (The Guardian, The Architectural Review, Dazed, Wallpaper, etc.).


Roman Burlaca


Born in Chisinau, Roman Burlaca is a professional video director and producer of Carla’s Dreams project, right from the beginning. In just two years, he became one of the highly ranked and appreciated video directors, with a portfolio comprising more than 40 videos and TV commercials for several big advertisers in Chisinau.

The most watched video on Youtube in Romania is “Sub pielea mea” (50 million views), which maintained a long period of time leading positions in Top charts on TV & Radio. Newest, the director is nominated for best director, best music video debut in several competitions in Romania and it is very likely he will become “the director of 2016” in Romania.

Roman has his own production company “BR films” in Chișinău & Bucharest. In three years he worked with a series of popular artists, such as: Carla’s Dreams, INNA, Alexandra Stan, Mohombi, Antonia, Uzzi, Ruby, Nicoleta Nuca, Irina Rimes, Lori, Yanka, Valentin Boghean, Angele Dubeaux etc.


Kumail Jetha


Kumail is from London. A global nomad who has traveled to over 30 countries and has lived and worked in Australia, US, Romania and Moldova. An entrepreneur by nature, he has over 17 years of experience in IT project delivery, software development and tech startups. He specialises in setting up high-growth businesses within emerging markets, in attracting and growing talent, and delivering high quality Agile teams and services for international clients.

He enjoys good banter, tennis, exotic destinations and being taken out of his comfort zone. Kumail now lives in Bogotá where he is leading a technology startup business.