Our theme this year is “Superposition”

Superposition. What does that mean? Despite our own settled beliefs of who we are, we all play several roles at the same time, dierent for each person we interact with. To our partners we may be a genius, to our friends we are a good companion, and to our competitors we are an unbeatable fighter.

Our personality may take dierent shapes for dierent observers, and yet all are equally true at the same time. Just the same, any action or event may also have an infinite amount of consequences or results (all of them also equally probable at the same time).

Each of us is given so many choices and possibilities throughout life. The state of ”superposition” is the gift we have all received: to be in one place, in one person, yet have the ability to choose from endless possibilities and directions.

This superposition makes us limitless. Our lives, like ourselves, can take one of any multitude of paths and directions, and the choices we make define who we become. By harnessing this potential, we break down the power of limiting restrictions we put on ourselves.

We invite you to share your expertise about how we can begin to remove the limits placed upon us in life, be they from technology, economics, politics, science, or even ourselves. How would you help people broaden their view and see a clear vision of their own potential and the potential of the world that surrounds us?